Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Day3 Dia II

Understanding Day II of the Coronavirus

"Living My Life One Day at a Time"  

Wow, being home had its challenges and rewards today. I see that everyone in my home is enjoying being home together, having more meals together at the table, and making time for more family conversation. Today was an interesting day becuase the sun did not shine, it just rained and stayed cloudy. One of today's highlights was that it was trash day.🚚 I guess seeing the bright color of the trash truck brought some joy to the ever gloomy day.
The streets are tranquil as a  late-night hour. I find myself continuing to adjust my stay at home to avoid the COVID-19.  

I like to keep myself informed and today I saw that there is a rise in cases of Coronavirus in the USA and that is not comforting information. This morning  I learned: 

  • Some college students are on Spring Break at the beach in South Beach
  • The New York Stock Exchanged  discovered that 2 employees tested positive for the Coronavirus 
  • CBSN no longer states the amount of tested positive from the national headquarters; instead, they report many more cases... Indicating that the number 6 they reported yesterday is rising
  • States have partnered with clinical laboratories to support testing, and you can also learn about the Coronavirus and Migration plan.  
  • Main city streets in the USA are quite 

My last couple of days were similar, but today I finally got some headway with my family routine.  
(Lunch from the drop-in center: apple sauce, cookies, carrots, ropa veja sandwich)

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