Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus Day 2 Dia II

Coronavirus  March 18th Day 2-Adjustments

While we remain in quarantine in the USA. I had to check to see if I am keeping my social networking. In all honesty, I have been able to connect more with my children and teachers the ever before. In my household, we are all trying to ensure that learning time is maximized by scheduled school time and still find time to enjoy our time together.  So what did I learn today? 

  • Human gathers have been lowered to 50 or fewer people. 
  • CBSN national station remains closed due to 6 people have tested positive to have the  COVID-19 😷

As we stay in uncertainty, we must still be safe and stay connected. 
So, what did you do today? Well, what I did was:

  • Wish my husband a happy birthday as he remains abroad 🎂
  • Billy Blanks Kickboxing video it seems I am in better shape than my kids.
  • The local breakfast distribution center- milk, muffin, fruit, milk
  • How to navigate and complete assigned work  using Google Classroom💻
  • The local lunch distribution center- tortilla with chicken, vegetables, fruit, milk
  • Watched Amazon Prime "The Courage to Love" connect classwork to have a discussion with family. 
  • Light reading- I am reading"As Real As It Gets" by Monica McKayhan, and my children are reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and "Esperanza Rising."  📚
  • Let Dance- keep moving.
Although this is not an easy time for social gatherings. You can create your own group that consists of conversations. HASTA MANANA!

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