Tuesday, April 7, 2020


How Do I Start My Day 

Cómo comienzo mi día

A Black Business Woman and A Bedroom Of A Boy Background – Clipart ...
Llegué al martes. Trabajar desde casa requiere bastante disciplina. Me he organizado bastante y he organizado el trabajo desde el hogar. Permítanme demostrar un horario de muestra para el comienzo de mi día. Algo a tener en cuenta que generalmente me levanto a las 5 am:

7:00 AMWake up / Me despiertoQuick wash up/ tidy room/Lavarme / ordenar la habitación
7:30 AMWake up Kids/Despierta a los niños"Time to Wake Up meet you in the living room"/ "Hora de despertar, nos vemos en la sala"
8:00 AMLiving Room Meet up/ Encuentro en la salaMorning workout/ ejercicio de la mañana
8:30 AMShower/ tomar una duchaMy shower kids will take a shower after me/ Mis niños se bañarán después de mí
8:45 AMGet dress/ vestirmeMakeup and a cute top/ Maquillaje y una linda blusa
9:00 AMWorkday/ Tiempo de trabajoEn mi escritorio café, avena de frutas

I made it to Tuesday. Working from home requires quite the discipline. I have organized quite a bit and have organized work from home duties. Let me demonstrate a sample schedule for the start of my day. Something to note I usually get up at 5am.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Dia XVII / Day 17

The Arrival of the Workday During COVID-19 

La llegada del laboral durante COVID-19

Todos estamos tratando de encontrar la mejor forma de entretenernos para mantener la normalidad. Hoy fue un día de trabajo típico con un pequeño giro. La mayoría de nosotros hemos visto esta estancia en casa como una oportunidad para ponerse al día con los deberes de la casa. La pregunta que la mayoría de nosotros hacemos es cómo administrar, trabajar, casa y familia de anuncios, todo al mismo tiempo. Entonces pensé que comenzaría a compartir mi día para apoyar la rutina de ESTANCIA EN CASA.

¿Qué hice hoy?
Entrenamiento con la familia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shsm-W_IqwM
Trabajado desde casa
Disfruta de un delicioso almuerzo con mi familia.
2da parte del día Woked desde casa

We are all trying to figure how best to entertain ourselves to keep the normality. Today was a typical workday with a little twist STAY AT HOME workday. Most of us have viewed this stay at home an opportunity to catch up on house duties. The question most of us are asking how to manage, work, home, ad family all at the same time. So  I thought that I would begin to share my day to support the STAY HOME routine. 

What did  I do today?
Worked from home 
Enjoy a lovely lunch with my family
2nd part of the day Woked from home 
Watch Amazon Prime Black in America Since MLK

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dia/ Day XVI COVID-19 Me Toca Ser Mi Propia Masquera/ Making My Own Mask

Since my last post of Day VII, there has only been an upscale to the COVID-19. My mother and I still remain in different countries, where I am only able to send Western Union and recharge her phone with minutes. My husband who works aboard, we can communicate via video chat to keep normality with our children by staying online all day while he sees our day and see his day.
Food shopping is becoming Salvase si pueda these days with little to choose to purchase. 
At this point, we are running low on a mask, and the state to which I live in the United States of America has strongly recommended that everyone wear a mask once outside of your home. So here I am making a make-shift mask to meet the demand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


I am happy to say that working from home has its advantage

  • Transportation
  • Morning Coffee
What I miss:

  • Having a morning conversation at the cafe
  • Seeing people on public transportation.
What a minute these two are equal. I guess I will need to adjust. The sad thing that some people have already been layoff from work and that is hard to hear. The Coronavirus has affected people's health and the economy in just a few weeks. It times like now that we need to look hoe the government and see their reaction to their community and the action the will take to repair health, education, and the economy. I am hoping we being to see some reaction that has concrete answers to this pandemic.

DIa VI Trabajando de la Casa- COVID-19

DIa VI Trabajando desde la Casa- COVID-19

I returned to work today, and to my dismay, it was the same as if I was in the office. I meet with my supervisor we discuss the day the only real difference is that we net via video conference. The governor of the state that I live in announce that as of 12pm tomorrow and a stay at home until April 7, 2020. People are starting to feel isolated and needing to contact people. The news is very informative becuase it keeps people up to date on what is going on around the world.

What I learned today:
  • Case globally are increasing 
  • Medical professionals from Cuba are in Italy assisting.
  • It snowed in Massachusetts.
  • Beaches are closed
  • Scholl remain closed
  • Hosptial are overwhelmed 

To keep my self and family in functional space, I did the following:

  • Morning exercise routine with family
  • Breakfast drop-in 
  • Work from Home/ Children Google Classroom assignments
  • Lunch 
  • Back to work form Home/ Children Google Classroom assignments

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dia VI Ningún País, Ningún Ingreso, Ninguna Edad o Raza está Exento del COVID-19.

Domingo con COVID-19 

No country, no income, no age or race is exempt from the COVID-19.

This is a bilingual blog English below/ Este es un blog bilingüe español a continuación 

Hoy es domingo, y las noticias y las redes sociales son siempre desalentadoras para encontrar soluciones para el Coronavirus en los Estados Unidos. Los servicios de adoración religiosa fueron vistos a través de Facebook en vivo con enlaces web para la placa de colección. Parece que todos han tomado la medida para garantizar la seguridad, pero aún encuentran algunas normas en la vida cotidiana. La conversación dominical se ha limitado a conferencias familiares y de video y llamadas telefónicas. No es lo mismo, pero las personas están explorando más formas de mantenerse conectados. Para aquellos de nosotros que tenemos familia en diferentes partes del mundo, es increíble que tengan la misma preocupación y que este virus sea testigo de la conciencia mundial. Lo que todos estamos aprendiendo es que ningún país, ningún ingreso, ninguna edad o raza está exento del COVID-19.

Hoy necesitaba un poco de aire fresco y fui al patio para prepararme para la jardinería de primavera y noté que el perro de mi vecino entró al patio con ganas de algún contacto humano. Supongo que la ansiedad de estar en la casa también está afectando a nuestra mascota. Parece que mis otros vecinos tomaron una pista para sentarse afuera y tomar un poco de aire fresco o simplemente limpiar sus patios como lo hice con la distancia social en primer plano con un saludo para saludar.

Regresaré a trabajar el lunes después de mi primera semana en casa bajo COVID-19. 
Trabajar desde casa comienza el lunes.

Today is  Sunday, and the news and social media are ever daunting of finding solutions for the Coronavirus in the USA. Religious worship services were viewed via Facebook live with weblinks for the collection plate. It seems that everyone has taken the measure to ensure safety but still finds some norms in everyday life. Sunday conversation has limited to family and video conferences and phone calls. It is not the same, but people are exploring more ways to stay connected. For those of us who have family in different parts of the world, it is incredible that they have the same concern and are witnessing this virus unfold to global awareness. What we are are all learning is that no country, no income, no age, or race is exempt from the COVID-19.

Today I needed a bit of fresh air and went to the yard to prepare for spring gardening and noticed my neighbor's dog came into the yard wanting some human contact. I guess the anxiety of being in the house is getting to our pet too.  It seems my other neighbors took a  hint to sit outside and get some fresh air or just clean their yards as I did with social distance at the forefront with a wave to say hello. 

I will be back to work on Monday after my first week at home under the COVID-19 Homebased. Working from home starts on Monday.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dia V de la Coromavirus - Fin de Semana

Fin de Semana con el Coronavirus 

It was great to hear China has gotten a handle of the Coronavirus. It is unhearted that other around the world they see a rise in their countries' cases. In a recent report from CNN, the data demonstrated the following :

Fue genial escuchar que China ha manejado el Coronavirus. No es sincero que otros en todo el mundo vean un aumento en los casos de sus países. En un informe reciente de CNN, los datos demostraron lo siguiente:

Today is Saturday,  I followed my weekend routine minus teaching my Saturday school
Hoy es sábado, seguí mi rutina de fin de semana menos enseñar mi escuela de sábado

Morning stretching🏋
Visiting local pharmacy for supplies
Organizing for wash day
Review weekday schedule
TV binging📺
Naps throughout the day

  • Estiramiento de la mañana
  • Visitando la farmacia ㊩
  • Organizacion para el dia de lavar
  • Revisar el horario de lunes a viernes💻
  • Ver televisión todo wl dia
  • Siestas durante  el día🛏