Monday, August 27, 2012

Paradise Sambo Creek Honduras

I have truly underestimated the beauty of Honduras.  I recently visited Sambo Creek, Honduras and enjoyed my stay.  The town has two beautiful rivers (Hot and Cold springs) as well as the seacoast line.  What I enjoyed most was the private island of Sambo Creek.  It's a private island where you can enjoy your stay away form the busy life and just have a tranquil stay.  I loved it! If you want to take this trip you need to contact Sambo Creek Council office.  Good luck traveling.

Well here's what I did.
  1. Bought ticket form $295.00 each with taxes ( Spirit Airlines)
  2. Airport trip to Sambo Creek w/ a private car $150.00 (3-4 hour ride)
  3. Boat ride from Sambo Creek to Sambo Creek Island and the other Bay Island tour $75.00 Private ride
  4. You will need a housekeeper but you don't have to but if you do.  $50.00 a day with food included for 4 people  I had the Island to myself.and my kids
So the trip cost me for Fri, Sat, Sun  $1,500 for 4 people.  Your stay on the Island can be negociated with Sambo Council.  You can email them at or just visit their blog  They are still developing their blog so tis is a good time to try to book a trip.

I will come again!

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