Wednesday, July 31, 2019

En Boston: Felicidad Mujeres Afrodescendientes del Caribe, Latinoamérica y la diaspora

Today we stand-in celebration of all the women from the diaspora who led the struggle to celebrate this day,
This day comes with so much history of being marginalized and feeling silent and invisible to the world around us, 
The silence has made us grow to empower the next generation and future generations,
 To realize that they have a seat in society and will not be silent anymore.

I know who I am,
And I know I bring history as do all of you, 
Of the strength of womanhood, community, Madre, Tia hermana y Amiga,

Our activism is compiled in the strength to organize our community resources in unconventional ways that is not customary to some societies,
 But is done as many say Chicharron Style.
And guess what?
It is okay do things chicharron style,
Con unos pedacitos de yuca too 
Because that is who we are

Women play such a pivotal role in our community,
Because they are the cultivator of our culture and history
Yes, we are known for music, dancing, and cooking,

But what many do not know
We carry a social change spirit that shines on people like you and me,
Who are becoming the change-makers 
That is not by accident,
But of the circumstances,
That have driven us to say,
SILENT NO MORE por somos valientes y luchadoras

As we commemorate this day in Boston 
We extend to our hermanas,
That we are here and here to do bigger and better things
So watch out world, ya  hemos rompido las cadenas.
Gracias a nuestra hermana ancestrales,
Thank you to our ancestors, who have made the way
Thank you to the city of Boston for honoring this day

Felicidad Mujeres Afrodescendientes del Caribe, Latinoamérica  y la diaspora

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