Saturday, January 19, 2013


I can't get anything done with these kids.  Well, hold up CHICA! The weekends can be overwhelming with kids. With everything that you have to do: house work, errands, making that special weekend meals, and see and call family.  Now, with children running around the house, how to you deal with that Chicas.  Well, you can make it easier if you just let them run their energy off.

TIP: Go out for an hour or more with them.  Let them run that energy that they have.  In the meanwhile, you can do it too.  Have them ride their bikes as you walk with your child/ren, or play in the snow. 
Ok, those activities may not be for you, so just pick something that will be enjoyable for them to do outdoors, that requires physical movements. Remember we all get bored indoors and your just putting out fires with them by telling them to be quiet, stop jumping and so on.  So that may help you Chicas. You will get some needed exersice  and be relaxed about your weekend task.  Here are some other ideas you may consider to do with your child/ren:
  • Ridding a scooter
  • Roller skating or roller bladding
  • Jogging or running
  • Going to the playground
  • Going to your local park to walk

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