Monday, September 10, 2012

Short Story Life as wife and mom

I woke up this morning and saw that drip comming out my ceiling again.  Yeah, it's my neighbor upstairs.  She knows darn well we are not allowed to have a washing machines in the building.  If  I call the mangement company, they will just check to see if it's her bathroom again.  Well, I will just wait until a hole riots through.  But for now, I'm just going to clear they way so that my stuff won't get all jacked up. 

Well, hey it's me.  This is the start of the day.  What I need to do is get up and start my day.  The kids are still sleeping. Yeah! So I will doll myself up for the day.  Oooh no!  My husband just turned around to hug me in his sleep.  I just don't got time for that this morning.   I am just going to slip out of bed before he notices. As I head to the bathroom, I grab my robe and my clothes for the day.  Woww! This feels good that I have this peace to myself.  As I step in the shower, I'm thinking of all the things I have to do before going to work today.  It's like a daily recorder in my head.  Make breakfast, cleanup the rooms, straighten up the bathrooms, comb their hair , pack everyone's lunch and snack and take out what's for dinner tonight. 

As I step out the shower, I get dress and put on my makeup.  I say to myself I am ready for the world.  As I open the door to come out the bathroom my family is standing there waiting.  Well,  this where I put my mental checklist into action.  GOOD MORNING FAMILY.

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