Saturday, January 1, 2022

Trying Dherb 20-Days Body Cleanser- My Feedback

Como Estamos Para Este 2022

As you know, we are in to keep our bodies clean in our community after the holiday season. Not sure because we use herbs in everything we do, from bathing, cooking, hair care, and home remedies. In 2021, I tried the Dherb and wanted to see the results, and I am happy to say it went well. Asi, Asi, Asi me gusa Miiiiii! So I tried to jump 2022 with the right start by going to it. Please note to be on the cleanse, you need to eat raw fruit and vegetables. This is the key to maximizing the cleanse. So I would visit the site to learn more. 

Here are some others who have tried Dherb and their feedback:


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