Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dia/ Day XVI COVID-19 Me Toca Ser Mi Propia Masquera/ Making My Own Mask

Since my last post of Day VII, there has only been an upscale to the COVID-19. My mother and I still remain in different countries, where I am only able to send Western Union and recharge her phone with minutes. My husband who works aboard, we can communicate via video chat to keep normality with our children by staying online all day while he sees our day and see his day.
Food shopping is becoming Salvase si pueda these days with little to choose to purchase. 
At this point, we are running low on a mask, and the state to which I live in the United States of America has strongly recommended that everyone wear a mask once outside of your home. So here I am making a make-shift mask to meet the demand.

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